Thursday, March 11, 2010

YAS Fitness Centers and K8 Vision

When I first moved to Venice (6 years ago) I was always interested in the fitness center around the corner from my apartment. YAS Fitness Center (Yoga and Spinning) on Abbot Kinney Blvd. I told my Mom about YAS (who is an avid spinner) and she took a class when she first visited me in California. The first thing she said to me when I got home from work that day was "Kate, you MUST come with me to a spin class at YAS!" So yes, it was my Mom (visiting from Long Island) that introduced me to YAS, 6 years ago. Needless to say I took a class with her the next day and I WAS HOOKED! My interest in YAS envolved over the years and last summer I got a part time job with them for a few months; mainly to see me through the effects the recession had on K8 Vision at that time. Whenever I was working the front desk I would constantly re-merchandise the YAS wear. K8 Vision work began to pick up so I needed to leave my front desk duties at YAS. When I told the owner Kimberly Fowler, she understood and also said she would really like to hire my company to continue merchandising the Venice location. I loved that idea!! Since then I have also merchandised their other two locations in Silverlake and Costa Mesa. Along with the merchandising I decorated the YAS Venice location as well as Kimberly Fowler's home for the holidays. If you haven't checked out YAS Fitness Centers yet you are MISSING OUT! I have had the pleasure of establishing a great working relationship with Kimberly Fowler; CEO and Sherri Rosen; VP of YAS whom I find inspirational and have high respect for. GO 2 YAS and check out Kimberly Fowler's new fitness DVD, The No OM Zone - it's perfect.

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