Friday, March 12, 2010

Anthroplogie and K8 Vision

It is such a great pleasure to still get the chance to work with my friends at Anthroplogie since K8 Vision began. I get the chance to work with the opening teams and freelance in a few LA locations from time to time. It is always wonderful to work with the other creative minds of Anthroplogie. Last November I was in Skokie, IL for a week helping out at the new store opening there and later in January to Chicago for a 10 day store opening on State street, at the Block 37 center. I had never been to Chicago before and I had such a blast. From the food to the people it was so much FUN! At the Block 37 Anthropologie, myself along with two other very talented display coordinators collaborated and executed this two story window display (photos above). It is a 3-dimensional circle approximately 30' in diameter made up of plastic flowers. Recycled plastic bottles were cut into flower shapes and then painted. How many flowers do you think there are? I love working large scale so when put on "team windows" for this window I was in my glory! Another interior display I executed and designed were silhouettes of old vintage hangers cut out and then arranged on the wall as a "wallpaper backdrop." So simple yet so beautiful. Always thankful for the experience Anthro, hope to see you all soon!

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