Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Esty Shop

If you are not aware of yet please check it out. I love it! It is all things handmade, like EBay for crafters, artists and/or designers. I created an Etsy shop a few months ago and put only a few items on it. My best seller so far are these vine lanterns. My friend Karen who is a Jewelry designer and has her own shop on Etsy ( wrote me this email last Thursday 7/2/09.

Hi Kate!!
I was just signing in to Etsy and noticed your lanterns were featured on the homepage!! I don't know if you were aware of this, but your item was handpicked by the staff at Etsy under the gift guides category for wedding decor. Here's a link to that page:
You received a ton of new "hearts" for this item as well as a lot of hearts for your shop. This means you have to start adding new items! People love your shop and they're gonna be keeping an eye on it now that they marked it a favorite.

I ended up receiving 45 new "hearts!" Check it out or

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